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John Fabre, co-founder of fabre+, is a veteran of the corporate world, in Australia and overseas, holds a PhD, a background in human factors, psychology, designing for digital enablement and change. John is a member of the International Coaching Federation and has undergone professional training to offer coaching services to those who seek change from within to impact their world.

Leadership in an ever changing world of economic uncertainty, global diffusion and increasing ambiguity can be exceedingly difficult. A relentless focus on bottom-line results, cost reductions, eroding employee and public trust can understandably derail you from your goals.

As Simon Sinek said “people don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses”. We live in intelligent workplaces where our ability to build trust and empower others is paramount. The effective leader has never been in greater need.

Small and medium sized businesses are not immune to these realisations that often serve to cloud direction and action.

Great leaders have left a trail of wisdom over the years – “We must be the change we wish to see in this world” said Mahatma Ghandi; Einstein put forward the notion that we can’t solve a problem with the same type of thinking that created it. “Leaders don’t seek to change others, but to change themselves. They become models of change for others” (Clemmer, 1999).

Awareness, clarity, execution and performance often surface as key attributes which enable leaders to be effective. As coach I bring different lenses for you to view your world.

“ Take time to dream! In each creative mind a dream takes wings and moves in graceful flow until it permeates the soul in relentless and persistent longing. The dream keeps urging, “It could be.” It won’t let go ’til the dreamer heeds and shapes it into reality” Anonymous

Coaching is a powerful process to find better outcomes. For instance,

  • If you are a business owner or director facing challenges, needing to make critical decisions or looking for directions;
  • If you are seeking to step up from manager to leader;
  • If you are seeking to overcome barriers impeding you from your goals;
  • If you have responsibility for steering your organisation through significant change.

If you find yourself experiencing anyone of these situations, John can partner with you to address enabling outcomes. You may find a knock-on effect on the team and those around you.

I set out to partner with the whole person, aligning the inner and outer you, within your domain of expertise. I encourage our clients to be results-oriented and focus on what is important to them. I will work with you to overcome challenges, build your strengths and help you set clear goals for you to get to where you want to be.

The least travelled path often gets the most results. What is holding you back?

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