Customer Insights to sharpen focus

John has experience in designing and undertaking insight-based research to guide product and service design and development in Australia, Germany, Singapore, China, and USA. Quantitative research can provide the ‘What’ but not the ‘Why’. The latter is key when you aim to differentiate.

We use traditional approaches such as Focus groups to identify key takeouts and may serve as initial confirmatory knowledge.

We use online focus groups, ethnographic interviews, and observations to align with marketing direction.

We use design-thinking methods to address specific questions that require a depth of guided curiosity.


Leadership Coaching to enhance clarity, execution and performance

fabre+ offers business coaching for executives and senior managers. Coaching influences clarity, adaptability, engagement and responsibility for self-awareness and performance. Get on a path to help you change to a new way of working that works for you.

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Social Media Management 

Running a business in real time is an essential characteristic of modern business life. Social media is an effective way to generate conversations with consumers, engage with your audience. Tell your story, connect and influence.

We manage a large number of social media sites for businesses of all sizes. We can help to tell your story in a number of ways using one or more of the following: Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Twitter.


Business Photography

Photos taken in Australia and around the world for business use, event support and social media promotion. Our images have been used at Rosie O’Grady’s
in New York and London Restaurants for general advertising.

fabre+ images have been sold as greeting cards, advertising brochures, tote bags and Victorian Regional publications.

They have been published in British Airways, Singapore Airlines and Malaysian Airlines in-flight magazines and various other lifestyle and food publications.