Facebook Privacy Setting

One of our clients has just asked a question.

“I have a friend that likes to comment, like and comment again on everything that I post on my own Facebook page. I was wondering if it was possible to limit what that person sees about me without deleting them?”

When you log in to Facebook, press the button marked HOME at the top RH side of your page.

On the left hand side menu you will have a FRIENDS option (see attached PDF file) as to where it is located.

Hover over the link that says FRIENDS then click on MORE.

Near the bottom you will see the link RESTRICTED . Click on that that.


Your friend will only see ‘public’ posts on your timeline or posts where you have specifically tagged them.

Hope the above – combined with the attached Guide – helps you.

There will be many posts where you may not want your friends or work colleagues to see or be part of, this is the ideal solution.

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